Our team considers all of the requirements necessary in equipment selection and installation including tier requirements, sound attenuation, enclosure design, rigging, permits and fuel tank requirements. We match the equipment with the application to ensure you’re getting the right product at the right price with a professional installation.

Turnkey Equipment Installation

Our application’s team can design a solution for you, help with permitting and integrate the entire installation process from pouring the pad to rigging in the enclosure and conducting the start up.

  • Startup & Testing
  • Equipment Sales
  • Standby & Portable Generators of All Sizes
  • As in integrator of generator solutions Shamsains Marketing Service represents some of the leading equipment in the industry
  • ATS’s, MTS’s and Switchgear
  • Portable Generator Docking Stations, Appleton’s and Fuel Systems
  • Cables

Electrical Testing & Maintenance

One of the most overlooked areas in any critical power system usually is the switchgear. Just like any electrical system, it is crucial to maintain your switchgear with regular maintenance. While switchgear may not have the requirements of annual maintenance, it is important to consider the criticality of the systems supported by the switchgear and determine the effects of a failure. Our Nationwide service team has the expertise and training to maintain your infrastructure minimizing down time. Our technical staff and resources provide full lifecycle services for your critical infrastructure. We also work with leading engineering firms across the country to provide full engineering studies, site surveys and design.

Thermography & Infrared Scanning

Prevention is always better than cure, especially where electricity is concerned. A professional thermal survey allows you to detect electrical faults before the components fail without causing any stress on your electrical system. A thermal imaging camera identifies ‘hotspots’ in electrical equipment like distribution boards, breakers transformers and switchgear. The non-intrusive fault-finding survey is undertaken when you are under maximum load, in order to assess equipment performance when you need it most and when it is most likely to fail. Heat build-up is an indication of an electrical fault that can be caused by poor mechanical connections, poor electrical contact, circuit overloading, inadequate ventilation or broken parts in the equipment itself. By locating the problem quickly, you are better placed to reduce the risk of fault, fire and a costly disruption to your business.

  • Ground Testing
  • Load Analysis
  • Switchgear & Transformer Maintenance

We will provide all safety equipment, tools, labor, supervision and documentation necessary to conduct, interpret and document the following scope of coverage. These services are a part of a Preventive Maintenance Program. All of the testing and maintenance will meet or exceed the standards of OSHA, NFPA and NEC. These services can be performed annually, biannually or every 3 years depending on your requirements and needs. All testing can be performed while your electrical system is energized.