At Shamsains, we are committed to continuously improve the quality of our services, while ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our employees and those under our influence in the neighborhood and community at large.

To achieve this goal, we shall :

  • Create and maintain a safety culture through regular training and meetings.
  • Integrate Safety in the design and engineering of our services and products.
  • Minimize harm to the environment through pollution prevention measures.
  • Strive for the continuous improvement of our safety management system.

We commit ourselves to actively implement this HSE policy. This policy shall be reviewed annually against latest statutory/local laws and regulations, to upgrade our safety policies and procedures.

Shamsains is also committed to exhibit sound environmental performance through provision of a framework for action and setting environmental objectives and targets. It is our policy that we will:

  • Comply with all national legal compliance & other regulations which directly or indirectly relate to the environmental aspects.
  • Seek to prevent or minimize the pollution & harmful emissions, before they are released or discharged to the environment
  • Reduce the amount of all sort of wastes at our Yards & depots.
  • Proper & safe disposal of all wastes, like used oil, oil filters, fuel filters, batteries, electrolytes, lubricants & other miscellaneous wastes.
  • Recycle the used water wherever possible
  • Manage the product spill / leakage, effluents and waste materials through cleaner production techniques
  • Identify all the environmental aspects related to the activities and determine their significance so that control measures can be taken accordingly.
  • Use energy efficiently throughout our operations and perform our activities in such a manner to ensure efficient use of natural resources including water, gas, electricity etc.
  • Provide appropriate environmental training and educate employees to be environmentally responsible on the job.
  • Work to improve its environmental performance by establishing environmental objectives and targets and defining management programs to achieve those objectives and targets