For routine maintenance every 200 run hours or a complete engine rebuild or generator rewind, our certified technicians are here to help. With mobile fleet of service trucks, we can come to you or pick your generator up for any level of service and maintenance.
Our O&M provides overall solutions of power plant activities that cover complete responsibility of management and cost-effective operational services and do all preventive, predictive, corrective and situational maintenance with depth of knowledge, expertise and quality commitments.

Plant Maintenance

To attain maximum plant availability and equipment reliability, and to reduce forced outages, we (O&M) develop long-term custom maintenance programs that include:

  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Predictive maintenance procedures.
  • Scheduled maintenance.
  • Major refurbishments.

Plant Operation

Profitable long-term operation requires maximizing availability while optimizing equipment life. Our operational services are designed and implemented to consistently achieve this objective by:

  • Operating plants in a safe, compliant and efficient manner.
  • Developing and implementing formal procedural, maintenance, environmental and safety management programs.
  • Maintaining overall care and control of the plant and site.
  • Advising and recommending tooling and inventory requirements.
  • Recommending procedural changes, when necessary, to improve operation.
  • Responding and adjusting to changing operating conditions.


We provide complete fuel management services to keep your generators up and running and the power on. Our experienced logistics coordinators monitor your generator run-time and burn-rate and dispatch timely fuel deliveries without excess drop fees or costly down-time. With 4,500 gallon fuel trucks and four wheel drive service trucks with fueling capabilities, we can meet your fueling requirements regardless of the project location or site conditions.