With a fleet of nearly 400 generators ranging in size from 15 kilowatt to 1 Megawatt, we have the rental generator to meet your project’s needs. As a design-build solutions provider, we offer both Trailer Mounted Generators and Skid Mounted High Capacity Units providing you with multiple portable power solutions. In addition, we provide complete Fueling Service, Auxiliary Fuel Tanks, Electrical Cable and Distribution Systems and Equipment, as well as Certified Electricians to make the connections safely and reliably. Got an emergency? Just plug in to Shamsains Marketing Service and let us deliver the power.

Trailer Units

Our meticulously maintained trailer mounted generators will give you the flexibility you need for mobile power. From 15 kilowatt to 1 Megawatt, we can respond quickly and efficiently to most any portable power need. And with our Fuel Management services, we’ll ensure that you will always have Power, when you need it, where you need it.

High Capacity Units (skids)

These powerful units have been engineered to run for extended periods without requiring re-fueling. Our skid mounted generator incorporates a large capacity fuel cell (up to 700 gal.) enabling some units to run for more than a week before needing fuel. Needing fewer fuel drops saves you money and decreases your risk of losing power.

Auxiliary Fuel Tanks

With over 50 auxiliary fuel tanks in stock ranging in size from 240 to 700 gallons; we can make any portable generator become a high capacity fuel unit. This can dramatically reduce your fuel drop fees and reduce your risk of running out of fuel and power!

Customer Fleet Services

Many of our customers own and utilize a fleet of portable generators for the purpose of providing power to their business when faced with an emergency resulting in a loss of power. However, not many of them are in the business of maintaining and operating generators. We can help. Shamsains Marketing Service offers a comprehensive solution to support your entire generator fleet. Whether your needs are deployment, storage, on-site maintenance, on-site fueling, repair, or all of the above, Shamsains Marketing Service has the experience, resources and equipment to handle all of your fleet needs.